International Conference on Multimodal Communication, Osnabrück

International Conference on Multimodal Communication, Osnabrück, Germany


Dates: 9 – 11 June 2017

Plenary Speakers:

  1. Harald Baayen. Alexander von Humboldt Professor, University of Tübingen. “Integrating acoustic and visual information with discriminative learning.”
  2. Mehul Bhatt. Professor of Human-Centered Cognitive Assistance, University of Bremen, Germany | Director of The DesignSpace Group. “MINDS, MEDIA, MEDIATED INTERACTION: On AI and Spatial Cognition for Human Behavioural Research
  3. Thomas Hoffmann. Professor of Linguistics, Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. “Multimodal Communication – Multimodal Constructions?”
  4. Irene Mittelberg. Professor of Linguistics and Cognitive Semiotics at the Human Technology Centre (HumTec) at RWTH Aachen University. Mittelberg directs the Natural Media Lab and the Center for Sign Language and Gesture (SignGes). “Crossmodal clusters: Mapping linguistic constructions and gestural patterns via motion-capture data.”
  5. Francis Steen. Professor of Communication Studies, UCLA. Co-director of the Distributed Little Red Hen Lab. “On establishing an integrated research agenda and workflow for multimodal communication.”
  6. Eve Sweetser. Professor of Linguistics, UC-Berkeley. Coordinator, UC-Berkeley Gesture and Multimodality Group. Coordinator, UC-Berkeley Matrix Metaphor research group. Co-PI, MetaNet IARPA research project. “Viewpoint, creativity and convention in multimodal constructions.”