Heu pensat mai adoptar una llengua amenaçada? Adopteu el Greko!

An me platespise, zio – If you speak me I live!

A new project promoted by the Linguapax Europe delegates for greko language:

Agapimeni fili,

me megali charapìa sas grafo, na sas ipo ti accheroame ena cinurio progetto, “An me platespise, zio”. Immaste pedìa ti thelome na stathùme stin Kalavrìa ce na stathùme plategguonda to greko!

Poddì sc’essase scerusi ti stus urtimu chronu ekama poddà pramata ce poddà mathimata ja to greko ce to plè magno prama ti èguike ene mia sinodìa me pedìa ti arte plateggusi manachò sto greko tras ecinu!

Me tunda pedìa, tote, accheroame to progetto “An me platespise, zio“, arte ene ecini ti tos matthennusi to greko tos addo, ce dè egò pleo! Pisteggo ti tuti ene i patimìa plè magni, jatì alithia difi ti stekome paonda ambrò, jatì echome cinuriu christianù ti plateggu!

Sto progetto vlepete ti den zitame manachò dineria ma ciola “kerò”:

zitame se olu ecinu ti thelusi na mas dou ton keròn tu, na dulèspusi me mmase, na mas mattheu pos na pame ambrò plèn kaglio, me tin glossa, kannonda libri, stiazonda mathimata, video, website, na graspome cinuria tragudia, ce poddà adda pramata!

An sòite, stileteto se olu tus filu sa, ce elate stin Kalavrìa na mas afudìete!

Dear friends,

I am extremely excited to announce the launch of our new project “An me platespise, zio – If you speak me, I live“. It’s a project led by young people who want to remain in Calabria, and do it while speaking Greko!

Many of you know that in the last years I spent much time and energy finding creative ways to spread greko among young people (from theatre to whatsapp). The most beautiful result has been the creation of a group of young people very committed to safeguarding Greko, and, most importantly, who speaks Greko every single day!

With them I launched “If you speak me, I live”, a project which I’ll just coordinate as a volunteer. It will be on these people to teach Greko, and this, I think, is the most important step, which shows that we are really moving forward, that we have now new people fluent in Greko and able to teach this language.

The funds collected through the crowdfunding will be used to start free, permanent classes of Calabrian Greek (20euros/h x 100 hours/month) and to open a documentary centre on “Filoxenia”. We chose to go for a crowdfunding campaign because of the urgency to act as soon and efficiently as possible – as you know, the Calabrian Greek language is very close to disappear as a mean of communication. The need for a crowdfunding also stems from the disillusion and lack of trust towards a funding system which, has certainly led to an increased interest in the “Area Grecanica” and in its culture, but has in fact ignored or given little value to its core element: the language. Our aim is to go against the flow.

However, the first challenge to overcome is to be able to stay in Calabria – as you know, Calabria is not only the poorest region of Italy but also a very difficult region to live in due to its sociopolitical situation + ‘ndrangheta (the last news about my home village are a sad example of this), the second challenge is to do so while speaking Greko.

Then, why not combine the two things, making Greko both the end and the mean to reach our goal? And that’s why we are here, we are committing our time, our creativity and our skills to this project. Thanks to the funds collected many people will have access to free Greko classes and, most importantly, 6 young people will have a job *in Calabria* thanks to their knowledge of Greko: you can understand how beneficial this policy could be in the long run!

You’ll see that in the project we don’t ask only for money, but also for “time”: we ask people to donate their time, to come work with us, to help us improve, prepare textbooks, learn how to teach, how to create websites, video, write new songs, and many other things!

So, please share our project with all your colleagues and friends, let us know about any funding opportunity in your country/university/institution, give us suggestions on how to improve our campaign, and, most importantly, come to Calabria and help us make all this sustainable over time!

A big thanks goes to Justyna Olko, Tomasz Wicherkiewicz and John Sullivan. When I saw them collaborating – working *with* – minotarised communities, I asked them to “adopt greko” too. Since then, I have elaborated on this idea, and I am now here asking each of you

Would you like to adopt Greko?

If you speak me, I live. Link to the Crowdfunding page