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As one of the organisers of the European Language Diversity Summit to be held in Donostia next December 2016, we kindly invite you to subscribe to the event’s newsletter. Here is the content of the very first issue:



In 2016, the Basque city of Donostia is going to be designated European Capital of Culture. This provides a unique opportunity for some serious thinking about language diversity in Europe, so now, twenty years on from the Universal Declaration of Language Rights, we are planning to create a tool to ensure language rights, to be presented through a Summit on European Language Diversity.

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What is European Language Diversity Summit?

The European Language Diversity Summit is a project to open up a dialogue between grassroots associations, organisations and experts through an international summit meeting which will present the result of an effort to develop a Protocol to Ensure Linguistic Rights.

This Protocol is to be the fruit of a consensus developed by a series of workgroups over preceding years which brings together the viewpoints of scientists, scholars and social activists.

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What are the Project´s objectives?

The project has four main objectives:

• To declare that safeguarding language diversity and ensuring language development are keys to peaceful coexistence.

• To create an effective instrument for language equality and the promotion of languages in unfavourable situations
• To ensure that the language community is the actor in this process and assert that civil society’s involvement guarantees fair play.
• To constitute a milestone in Donostia’s development as the European Capital of Culture.

What values does to the Project stand for?

The basic values upheld by the Project are coexistence, peace, diversity, equality, and rights, as well as the view that support and defence of this process must come from society.

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