Linguapax International is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to the appreciation and protection of linguistic diversity worldwide


Linguapax claims that languages ​​express the rich cultural pluralism of the human species and its preservation is a major contribution to peace and international understanding.

Linguapax states that all languages ​​are equal in dignity beyond the differences between linguistic communities in their demographic, political, economic and legal aspects and that all languages ​​are part of the world heritage.

Linguapax affirms that multilingual education is a necessary option in a world affected by globalisation processes and that it favours both the psychological development of people and the economic, social and sustainable progress of communities.


Linguapax, was originally created as a UNESCO programme in 1987. It is now an independent NGO headquartered in Barcelona since 2001. It has the support of public and private institutions of Catalonia and operates as an international network with three objectives:

  • Promotion, coordination and dissemination of research in the field of sociolinguistics through collaboration between academics, experts, government officials and international educators, journalists and activists of language rights.
  • Advice and support to ideological, political and legislative processes encouraging the protection of linguistic diversity and programs aimed at improving or revitalising specific linguistic communities.
  • Development of a multilingual education including local languages​​, national languages ​​and international languages ​​through teacher training initiatives, renewal of guidelines and teaching methods and creation of learning materials.