Linguapax International is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the protection and revitalization of world linguistic diversity and in favor of dialogue and peace

  • We work for the harmony between linguistic communities as a driving force of intercultural dialogue and peace
  • Promote multilingual education and multilingualism
  • Cooperate internationally in favour of cultural and linguistic rights. Participate in language revitalisation programmes.
  • Conduct research and promotes the study of political awareness and sociolinguistic ideologies in relation to linguistic diversity.
  • Foster new forms and cultural practices arising from linguistic interactions. Work for the digital access of all languages.
  • Promote the values ​​of linguistic diversity through awareness campaigns and publications. Teach specialised training.
  • Deliver the yearly International Linguapax Award as a tribute to the committment of individuals or collectives to the promotion of linguistic diversity and / or multilingual education.
  • Work in cooperation with an international network of delegations in all continents, having its headquarters in Barcelona.

Values ​​and objectives

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