Webinar – Launch of Publication “State of the Art of Indigenous Languages in Research”

On 20 May, in a one-day webinar, UNESCO presented its recent publication “State of the Art – Indigenous Languages in Research: A Collection of Selected Research Papers”. The authors presented their work and engaged in a dialogue on the state of Indigenous language research across different topics.

The volume is the result of a collective effort which started in December 2018, when a global call for papers was launched, marking the beginning of the International Year of Indigenous Languages IYIL 2019. Then, 278 articles were submitted in English, Spanish or French, covering a variety of thematic areas, including public policy, humanitarian affairs, education, cultural  heritage,  social  inclusion,  gender  equality,  language  technology,  digital  activism, science,and health. An international peer review team examined the articles and selected 39, which are now collected in the volume, together with articles produced by the peer-reviewers, summarizing the review process,and providing an overview of the main thematic considerations, identifying relevant recommendations for future research in this field.

Some expert members of the International Linguapax Network have participated in this work, including the winner of the 2019 Linguapax International Award and member of our Advisory Board, Larry Kimura.

The multilingual publication, available in English, French and Spanish, can be read online or downloaded for free here. More information about the online presentation can be found here.