The Politics of Language – RC50 – IPSA World Congress 2016


The Research Committee on the Politics of Language (RC50) ( is now inviting paper proposals for the International Political Science Association’s 24rd World Congress (Istanbul, Turkey, July 23-28, 2016) on the following themes:

 –      Language Regimes and Citizenship Regimes: Bridging the Gap

–      Justice for Linguistic Minorities: Theories and Practices

–      Language and Party Politics

–      Language and Political Science

–      The Commodification of Language

–      The Politics of English Language Education

–      Linguistic Justice from the Ground Up

      Language Politics in Africa

      Linguistic Diversity and Economic Development

      Language Regimes: Case Studies and Theoretical Understandings

–      Language Revitalization and State Transformation

      Social Mobility, In-Migration and Minority Languages Communities

–      Politics of Official Language Policies

      The Politics of Language and Regional Integration in Comparative Perspective

–      Language Politics in Turkey


For more information on the thematic topics, see panel descriptions on the RC50 website at
Interested parties should send a 250-word abstract to Selma K. Sonntag ( and Jean-François Dupré ( by September 11, 2015.
Authors of accepted paper proposals will receive an email invitation in early October, 2015. Upon receipt of this invitation, each presenter will be responsible for uploading his or her proposal through the IPSA website.

For more information about the World Congress, including registration costs, please visit: