Son de Pajapan – new musical materials by Linguapax South America

As part of the activities of Linguapax Latin America, with a grant from CONACYT, a series of materials is being developed with original creators. Based on very popular musical genres in Mexico, such as the jarocho sound, which has already been the subject of two albums and a documentary, the recording material offers us sounds of love and friendship, a genre open to creative inventiveness close to the infinite oral tradition, in Nahuatl of southern Veracruz, a resonant variant of the pipil, the most southerly modality of the Nahuatl language, which continues to survive and resist in Central America, especially in El Salvador. The performance of Pajapan’s sound group is masterful, and it is a revelation in the concert of sonic musicians. What is even more special to them is precisely that the words are in Nahuatl. The music, which invites you to stomp, leads us to the joy of living, while promoting languages ​​and cultures, and highlights the power of music in linguistic and cultural revitalization.