Sahka Verbal Art, a multilingual book made in Siberia

The Linguapax antenna in Siberia, in collaboration with Linguapax Latin America, has produced, edited, and published the book Sahka Verbal Art, with riddles and tongue twisters, collected and illustrated by teachers and students (mostly women) of the Republic of Sakha, Siberia, in four indigenous languages: Yukaguir, Dolgan, Even and Evenki. The book includes augmented reality, with audio and illustrations.

This project has been coordinated by Linguapax’s delegate in Latin America, José Antonio Flores Farfán, together with the director of the Nomadic Education Center of Sakha, Natalia Sitnikova.The collaboration emerged from an invitation to comment on an article by Sitnikova: In his comments, Flores Farfán suggested the development of materials based on the experience of the laboratory that he directs in Mexico. And so, the proposal materialized in this wonderful joint effort.

This material made to preserve Sahka languages and strengthen nomadic education is leading to regional linguistic and cultural development processes. Providing quality materials and incorporating technologies helps to give prestige to minoritised or endangered languages. In addition, it facilitates the process of incorporating the indigenous Siberian languages into the education system.