cobertaDefensem_catDefending Linguistic Rights – The Girona Manifesto

New educational project aimed at upper primary and secondary school students with a view to reflect on linguistic and cultural diversity in the world and raise awareness of the need to respect all languages. The activities are based on the ten points of the Girona Manifesto promoted by the International PEN in 2011 that updated the values defended by the Universal Declaration of Linguistic Rights, proclaimed in Barcelona in June 1996. This manual was translated from Catalan into English, Spanish and French, as a resource materials in language teaching but also for readers in other countries to find inspiration in these activities and complete and adapt them to their own national languages and cultures.

Let's build peace in the MediterraneanLet’s build Peace in the Mediterranean through languages

Teaching materials published by Linguapax-Unesco Centre of Catalonia and the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation in five languages (Catalan, English, FrenchSpanish and Arabic). Aimed at Secondary students. Each activity forms part of a trip that runs through 14 ports and locations in the Mediterranean, highlighting the richness of linguistic, religious and cultural diversity of this region. The activities’ educational foundations are set over the interaction of intercultural education, respect for human rights and the values of peace.

Imatges i estereotips

This teaching unit published in 2007 provides valuable material for teachers and students to bring intercultural education to the classroom. Imatges i estereotips (Images and stereotypes) raises awareness on the biases, labels and stereotypes we use on a daily basis. Through exercises for students in Catalan and Spanish, it aims at promoting multilingualism, peace and respect of pluralism.

Quan viatjar no és un plaer

This teaching unit tackles the issue of immigration from the perspective of languages and social sciences. Quan viatjar no és un plaer (when travelling isn’t for fun) aims at promoting mutual understanding towards newcomers, emphasizing the respect for all cultures present within the classroom. Bilingual text in Catalan and Spanish, 74 pages.

nosaltresWe have them too – A look at the Convention on the Rights of the Child

This material was conceived as a fun way of introducing primary school students to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. It must help us all to remember the importance of the vital issue of the welfare of boys and girls all over the world. It consists in 12 activities grouped under the right to survival, the right to development, the right to protection and the right to participate. Each chapter includes a story intended as an introduction, information about the meaning of a specific right, facts and figures, activities and instructions for use.

Other teaching materials published by Linguapax are currently not available in pdf.