You will find on this page the publications of Linguapax Latin America delegation.

The Mexican Indigenous Languages Digital Archive (Acervo Digital de Lenguas indígenas), in collaboration with Linguapax Latin America, has published numerous books and documents in more than twelve indigenous languages of Mexico.

lenguas_mayaT'aan Maya

in 2010, Linguapax contributed to the translation and publication of Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince in Yucatec Maya (or T'aan Maya)

Title: Chan Ajau
Editor: Tintenfass
Place of publication: Neckarsteenach (Germany)
Date of publication: 2010
Translator: Amédée Colli Colli
ISBN : 978-3-937467-68-9

Read The Little Prince in Yucatec Maya (flash, 98 pages)


Other documents in Yucatec Maya:

lenguas_mexicano (nahuatl)Nahuatl

lenguas_mixes (Ayuujk)Ayuujk (mixe)

Short stories (6 to 10 pages).

lenguas_mixtecos (Tu'un Savi)Tu'un Savi (Mixtec language)

lenguas_otomi (Hñähñu)Hñähñu (Otomi)

lenguas_zapoteco (Didxaza')Didxaza' (Zapotec)

lenguas_wixarikaWixárika (Huichol)

Cmiique iitom (Seri)

Ombeayiuts (Huave)

mazateco (Ién nima)Ién nima (Mazatec)

lenguas_signosMexican Sign Language (lengua de señas mexicana, LSM)

lenguas_argentinaIndigenous languages of Argentina