Now available online “The Management of Linguistic Diversity and Peace Processes”

CobertaGestióDiversitat This book aims to contribute to a deeper understanding of the relationship between linguistic diversity management, conflict prevention and peace processes, thereby enriching a line of research that remains relatively unexplored in the social sciences.

The authors cast light on the need to put the issue of linguistic diversity at the core of discussions of contemporary science and government policies concerning minority communities specially through the implementation of linguistic rights. Rights that despite being enshrined in various national and international laws are rarely implemented and managed properly, as an evidence of precarious democracy, at the risk of fissuring peace and social justice. The contributions cover a wide geographical and thematic spectrum, including countries in Africa, America, Asia and Europe through issues such as education for indigenous people, customary law, the link between language and territory, the construction of national identity, among others, all of which are fundamental to the advancement of an agenda more understanding about the complexity of human ecology, where linguistic diversity and its connection with peace and conflict resolution is made visible.

Published in 2010, this book includes the papers presented at the seminar on “The management of language diversity and peace processes” organized by Linguapax as a Department of the UNESCO Centre of Catalonia-Unescocat. Authors: Noro Andriamiseza, Fèlix Martí, Fernand de Varennes, Anne-Marie Beukes, Arnulfo Embriz, Kate Waterhouse, Petra Roter, Jean Passa and José Antonio Flores Farfán.

Here is the English document in pdf (88 pages): The Management of Linguistic Diversity and Peace Processes.