Mother Language Day in Wilamowice, Poland

Wilamowice’s Neighbours Association, its School Complex, and City Council unite with the Universities of Warsow and Poznan to commemorate their first International Mother Language Day next February 21st. The event is aimed to raise awareness on the need to preserve Wymysorys, the local language, and its associated cultural heritage. It will include cultural performances and roundtable discussions.

Wymysorys is the smallest language in the West Germanic family, with only 31 native speakers left. Since it was included in Unesco’s Endangered Languages List in 2009 many efforts have been deployed to foster the use of Wymysorys among youth, and it is one of the three languages (with Lemko and Nahuatl) included in the project carried out by the Faculty of “Artes Liberales” of the University of Warsaw with a view to build an efficient and universal model for linguistic revitalization.


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