Linguapax Review is a periodical Linguapax publication dealing with key themes related to the management of language diversity through a combination of both expert and activist perspectives.


Linguapax Review 2021

Language Technologies and Language Diversity

This issue of Linguapax Review addresses the complexity of the relationship between technology and language diversity, from a diversity of viewpoints. From the individual to the collective, from the areal to the global, from the native speaker to the language-agnostic technologist, all are well represented in this collection, and anyone interested in diversity will find that this special issue will repay handsomely the attention one must pay to the papers collected here.



Linguapax Review 2020

Translating Diversity

The seven articles included in this issue of Linguapax Review approach the natural act of translation from different angles and practices, and address its specificities, advantages and dangers. Also, the consequences of not enabling good access to translation or interpreting in multilingual contexts.

                                 Linguapax Review 2019

Old kava in new gourds: Language Revitalisation and Schooling in Hawaii

The 2019 Linguapax Review is a monograph dedicated to the linguistic revitalisation process of Hawaiian, on the Linguapax 2019 Award given to Prof. Larry Kimura, key figure in the process of language recovery on the island.



Linguapax Review 2018

Languages, Worlds and Action

This edition of Linguapax Review contains a selection of articles written by Faber Residence participants on linguistic diversity “Languages, Worlds, and Action.” The texts deal with various fields of linguistics, such as language theory, cultural anthropology, linguistic revitalisation or stage creation in which language becomes artistic material.


Linguapax Review 2017

This year’s issue of the Linguapax Review includes the papers presented within the framework of the “Linguapax 30 years” conference held last November. This commemoration offered an opportunity to reflect on the outcome of more than two decades of awareness-raising on the value of linguistic diversity; and what future we can expect from current trends in the treatment of linguistic diversity.


Linguapax Review 2016

Issue devoted to the potential of new technologies and social networks for linguistic documentation and  revitalisation and their limits. With articles by Claudia Soria exploring linguistic diversity on the Internet, with the presentation of a regional digital initiative aimed to promote the indigenous languages of Latin America (Genner Llanes Ortiz) and case studies of Africa and South-Eastern Asia illustrating the influence of the new media on the promotion of minority languages (articles by Djomeni & Sadembouo and De Falco & Cesarano). (66 pages, texts in Spanish, English and Catalan).

LinguapaxReview2015coverLinguapax Review 2015

This review offers a number of worldwide case studies that focus on language attitudes and the ways in which youngsters and young adults are undertaking language revitalisation projects in three continents: Europe, Africa and Latin America. 118 pages.

Linguapax Review 2014 - La gestió del multilingüisme en context urbàLinguapax Review 2014

Second issue of the Linguapax Review, giving a sociolinguistic account of the opportunities and challenges that the management of multilingualism poses in several urban settings across the globe. Multilingual edition. 84 pages.


LinguapaxReview 2010 1st pageLinguapax Review 2010

First edition of the Linguapax Review including an overview of the history of Linguapax and glimpses into the world’s current linguistic diversity from the different continents. Multilingual edition. 176 pages.