Linguapax in official relations with UNESCO

The Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, recently announced her decision to establish a formal partnership (consultative status) between UNESCO and Linguapax International in accordance with the Directives in force and in view of its “technical capacity to support UNESCO’s work on peace education and linguistic diversity, particularly at country level”.

This recognition couldn’t be more timely since Linguapax is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the conference on “Foreign Language Teaching for Peace and Mutual Understanding” convened by UNESCO in Kiev which gave birth to the Linguapax educational project. The project was then co-piloted by the Education Sector of UNESCO and the UNESCO Center of Catalonia until 2001, when Linguapax was set up as an association.

UNESCO builds partnerships with civil society organisationsto ensure greater efficiency in its actions, in accordance with the aspirations of citizenship and with a view to building democratic and equitable global governance.By combining its expertise and resources with those of NGOs, UNESCO can better “create strategic alliances, enhance efficiency and effectiveness of programme/activity implementation, strengthen visibility and impact of its action and presence, enhance its capacity to reach all segments of societies which should be beneficiaries of its action.”

Linguapax is therefore invited to continue its efforts to promote linguistic diversity and multilingualism and to strengthen its collaboration with UNESCO, in particular with the Education Sector, in the light of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Education 2030 Framework for Action. Linguapax is also invited to attend upcoming events convened by UNESCO such as the Committee on Non-Governmental Partners, the 10th UNESCO Youth Forum, or the 39th session of the General Conference, ie. UNESCO’s governing body which determines the policies and main lines of work of the Organization.