Coat_of_Arms_of_Kalmykia pngLinguapax Eurasia Delegation is represented by Kalmyk State University based in the Republic of Kalmykia of the Russian Federation. The Republic of Kalmykia with its State University has become a remarkable focus of Linguapax in its region due both to its sensitivity regarding language diversity issues and its geographical situation in the world, functioning as a natural bridge between Europe and the Central Asia region.

The delegation activities have a regional scope and cover Russian minorities and New Independent State countries, as well as China, Mongolia and other Central Asian states.

The objectives of Linguapax Eurasia are:

  • To channel and multiply the Linguapax philosophy in the region;
  • To promote linguistic diversity through sensibilizing the importance of minority languages and cooperation between linguistic communities;
  • To support initiatives to preserve and revitalize endangered languages;
  • To promote bilingual and multilingual education

Linguapax Eurasia delegation works at:

  • Convening international meetings and regional conferences;
  • Helping regional bodies, NGOs and states in the design of linguistic policies;
  • Conducting regional research;
  • Producing publications on plurilingual education and linguistic diversity;
  • Developing specific projects that correspond to the need of linguistic communities.

Participation in Linguapax Eurasia activities is open to the general public as well as to those engaged in academic research.


Мир языков. Обзор языков мира
(Words and Worlds: World Language Review)

The Russian edition of the book is a significant contribution of the Linguapax Eurasia delegation to revitalising and preserving minority languages in Russia. The Review not only presents a detailed description of the sociolinguistic situation of the languages of the world and discusses the theoretical issues in articles by prominent scholars, but also gives some examples of positive approaches to the problem as well as some valuable recommendations.

Authors: Felix Martí, Paul Ortega, Itziar Idiazabal, Andoni Barreña, Patxi Juaristi, Carme Junyent, Belen Uranga, Estibaliz Amorrortu

Publisher: Kalmik State University (2006)

Language: Russian

ISBN: 5-230-20276-9

The English version of the book is available at Multilingual Matters. Words and Worlds: World Language Review,  Clevedon U.K.: Multilingual Matters, 2005, ISNB: 1-85359-827-5.


Materials from the International Conference 'Development of Siberian Indigenous Languages and Cultures in a Changing Russia' organised by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation - Federal Agency for Education, Khakas State University and the Institute of Sayan-Altai Turkology on September 22-24, 2005, Abakan, Republic of Khakasia.

Proceedings of the International Seminar 'Language promotion and planning in Europe and Russia'
The present publication represents a collection of papers presented at the International Seminar “Language Promotion and Planning in Europe and Russia” which was held in Elista, Republic of Kalmykia on 28-29 September 2004. The seminar was organized w ithin the project “Promoting Lesser Used Languages in the North Caucasus” which is implemented by Kalmyk State University with the support of “Confidence Building Measures” Programme of the Council of Europe.


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