Created in 2003, Linguapax Asia works in partnership with Linguapax International. In its role as the Asian associate, Linguapax Asia carries out the objectives of Linguapax International with a special focus on Asia and the Pacific Rim. These objectives are:

  • Promoting bilingual and multilingual education
  • Elaborating new approaches to language instruction that facilitate intercultural understanding
  • Fostering respect of linguistic diversity and linguistic heritage
  • Supporting initiatives to preserve and revitalize endangered languages
  • Raising awareness of the links between language, identity, human rights, and the quest for peace

Participation in Linguapax Asia activities is open to the general public as well as to those engaged in academic research.

Linguapax aims to assist in the preservation and revitalization of endangered languages, bilingual and multilingual education. It seeks to raise awareness of the links between language, identity, human rights, and the quest for peace. Many people are involved in this work from the fields of education, linguistics, anthropology, the humanities and social activism.

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Linguapax Asia has organized several symposiums.

"Endangered Languages Networking: Values and Benefits for the Future"
Simposium de Linguapax Asia, September 13th 2014. Summaryphotos and detailed program.

"Literacy for Dialogue in Multilingual Societies", Tokyo, December 3rd 2011. Program.

"Human Trafficking", Tokyo, June 14th 2009. Program.

"Language and Propaganda", Tokyo, October 26th 2008. Program.

"Language, Religion, & Ethnicity", Tokyo, October 21st 2007. Program.

"Language in Society and the Classroom: Preserving Heritage and Supporting Diversity", Tokyo, June 11th 2005. Program

"Language Diversity & Language Ecology", Tokyo, April 17th 2004. Program.


See the list of all Linguapax Asia publications.

You can watch various videos of the symposiums on Linguapax Asia Youtube channel (in Japanese).

Other activities

Linguapax Asia organised in 2012 and 2013 several movie screenings in partnership with the European Union Delegation in Japan under the theme "Minority Communities and Peoples of Europe and Japan". See the program here.


Jelisava Dobovsek Sethna, President.

Linguapax Asia Board.

Tokyo, Japan

News Linguapax Asia

Screening of the documentary YONAGUNI in Tokyo
Screening of the documentary YONAGUNI in Tokyo
Linguapax Asia members participated at the screening of the documentary YONAGUNI at the Italian Institute of Culture in Tokyo on 21 April 2022. The film by Italian artists Anush Hamzehian and Vittorio Mortarotti depicts with exceptional artistic sensitivity the...
Publication of the book “Language Communities in Japan”
Publication of the book “Language Communities in Japan”
Several members of Linguapax Asia have contributed articles to the recent publication “Language Communities in Japan”, by Oxford University Press. The book offers a comprehensive sociolinguistic overview of the linguistic situation in Japan, including national languages, community languages, and...