Linguapax statement in response to the publication of the Spanish Supreme Court’s judgement

LINGUAPAX INTERNATIONAL, as an organization that works for cultural and political rights and wishes to contribute to dialogue and peace through the recognition and promotion of linguistic and cultural diversity, in response to the publication of the Spanish Supreme Court’s judgment 459/2019 on October 14, 2019, makes it known that:

  • A criminal procedure is not appropriate or desirable for the resolution of political conflicts.
  • The conviction of pro-independence political and social leaders to long gaol sentences, which was preceded by a pre-trial detention qualified as arbitrary by a U.N. body, is a disproportionate punishment, bearing in mind the peaceful nature of all the actions of the movement they represent.
  • The judgment is a disturbing regression in what freedoms of speech, of assembly and of demonstration mean, and opens the door to criminalizing the citizens’ and minorities’ right to protest and to curbing free debate in Parliament.
  • The persecution or sanction of political ideologies is not admissible in democratic states.
  • International bodies, and especially European ones, need to help to create conditions for dialogue and a democratic solution to the conflict.

Likewise, the association expresses its support of the families of those convicted.