2005: Maurice Tadadjeu

(1950-2012) Maurice Tadadjeu mastered in Linguistics at Georgetown University in Washington DC and obtained a PhD in Linguistics at the University of Southern California (Los Angeles, USA). He has served at the University of Yaounde since September 1977. Professor Tadadjeu specializes in Language Planning and Mother Tongue Education and has been the driving force behind the PROPELCA project which, since 1978, has successfully implemented mother tongue education programs. Maurice Tadadjeu is currently Chairman of the National Association of Cameroon Language Committees (NACALCO) a federation of 77 local language development associations. In 1999 he launched an ambitious project for the basic Standardization of unwritten African Languages (BASAL). Maurice Tadadjeu has published extensively (mainly in French) on language planning and mother tongue education. Outside the academic and research world, Professor Tadadjeu has been a very active Panafricanist: he created the first National Club of the African Union Organization in Africa and he has published several books on the African economic and Social-political integration. On May 2001, Professor Tadadjeu was elected as the first Delegate General of the African Civil Society Organization (ACSO) endeavoring to promote a popular participation in the African Union.