2002: ex aequo Bartomeu Melià and Jerzy Smolicz

Bartomeu Melià. Researcher

Bartomeu Melià was born in Porreres (Balearic Islands) in 1932. He has spent a great part of his life in Paraguay where he has carried out extensive research on Guarani ethnohistory and ethnolinguistics through fieldwork in that country and in Brasil and Bolivia as well. He has a Ph.D in Religious Siences from the University of Strasbourg and is a member of the Paris Society of Americanists. He is also honorary president of the Center for Anthropological Studies at the Catholic University of Asunción (Paraguay). He has been director of the journal Acción of Asunción during two periods (1969-75; 1993-99). He is a member of the National Commission on Bilingualism of the Ministery of Education and Cult of the Republic of Paraguay and works as a consultant of the Program on Intercultural and Bilingual Education, of the Teko Guaraní (Assembly of the Guaraní people in Bolivia) since 1990. Among his most recent publications: Elogio de la lengua guaraní; contextos para una educación bilingüe en el Paraguay (1995), El Paraguay inventado (1997), Pueblos indígenas en el Paraguay. Demografía histórica y análisis de los resultados del Censo nacional de Población y Viviendas, 1992 (1997), Ñane ñe’fi paraguái: Paraguay bilingüe: Políticas lingüísticas y educación bilingüe (1997), Antonio Ruiz de Montoya, Vocabulario de la lengua guaraní (1640) (2000).

Jerzy Smolicz. Department of Education of the University of Adelaide

Professor Jerzy (George) Smolicz was born in Poland and educated at Edinburgh and Oxford Universities. He holds a personal Chair of Education at the University of Adelaide in South Australia, where he is also the Director of the University’s Centre for Intercultural Studies and Multicultural Education (CISME). Professor Smolicz has been active in advising both State and Federal governments on policy formation in relation to linguistic and cultural pluralism and its implementation in the Australian education system. He was a senior consultant for the preparation of the Review of Multicultural and Migrant Education and chaired the South Australian Task Force on Multiculturalism that was responsible for the Report, Education for Cultural Democracy, which became the blueprint for successive South Australian Governments in the area of multiculturalism. Currently, Professor Smolicz is a member of the Council for Multicultural Australia (CMA); Chairman of the SA Ministerial Advisory Committee on Multicultural Education; member of the Social Science Network of the Australian National Commission for UNESCO, as well as of the Asian Association of Social Science Research Councils (AASSREC). He holds a visiting professorship at the Institute of Political Sciences at the Polish Academy of Sciences, as well as an Honorary Professorship at the University of Santo Tomas at Manila in the Philippines He is the author of a number of books, monographs and articles on linguistic and cultural pluralism in education from a comparative perspective. His work on language as a core value of culture has been published in Asia and Europe in several languages, including French, German, Polish, Italian and Filipino.