Linguapax at the Biannual Conference of the World Federation of Associations for Teacher Education

160420_MPerenyaThe World Federation of Associations for Teacher Education (WFATE), which fosters international collaboration among institutions and associations in order to promote educational research and the teacher’s professional development, held its biannual conference in Barcelona from the 20th to the 23rd April 2016.

The Conference central theme was Innovation in Teacher Education within a Global Context, which was dealt with through several lectures, a round table and 15 subthemes. Indeed, Teacher Education must target 21st century skills and even go beyond them to address the needs of knowledge society and WFATE, with this conference, aimed to contribute to build educational and cultural capacity for innovation at all educational and socioeconomic levels, in order to make a place for everyone in a knowledge society.

“Multiculturalism and multilingualism” was one of the sub-themes of the conference specially since the increasing globalization of our educational systems requires adequate preparation of teachers to work effectively with students from diverse backgrounds. And Mònica Pereña, in her capacity as President of Linguapax was invited to introduce the debate on languages in the education systems and the role of indigenous languages, languages of newcomers, languages of teaching, and the need to “set a model that makes our schools inclusive, plurilingual and pluricultural to ensure equal opportunities and to avoid school conflict and social marginalization.”

Read Mònica Pereñas full speech (pdf)