Languages do not die, they are killed!

On 28 March, the president of Linguapax, Monica Pereña, and the Outreach
Director-General of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Ignasi Genovès, inaugurated the exhibition
“Languages do not die, they are killed”, which can be seen in the Palau Robert, Barcelona,
until 8 May (free entry).

The title of the exhibition is inspired by Yásnaya Aguilar Gil’s speech in the Chamber of Deputees of Mexico, on 26 February 2021, during an activity organised in the framework of the International Year of Indigenous Languages. The Mixe activist explained how the life and death of languages, especially those of Mexican native communities, are closely related to the advancement of Mexico as a state. She also explained how the disappearance of indigenous languages is strictly connected to the expropriation of land suffered by the communities of speakers of these languages.

The exhibition, organised by Linguapax and Palau Robert, aims to raise public awareness on the value of the world’s linguistic and cultural richness and draw attention to the loss of diversity that is occurring at an increasing speed. Moreover, it denounces the unequal power relations that cause the disappearance of languages and hence the impoverishment of  linguistic diversity. Finally, it calls for action to protect endangered languages and the knowledge and perspectives that they bring to society as a whole.