#Linguapax2018 – Languages and the Spirit of the Wor(l)d

Debate organised in the framework of the #Linguapax2018 conference, on November 20-21 at CCCB.

Linguapax and the Year of Panikkar

As the work of philosopher Raimon Panikkar reminds us, each language is a way of seeing the world, of being in the world, and of world-making. Linguistic diversity, therefore, as a path for multiple perceptions, experiences, actions and potential transformations of the world.

From a qualitative vision of human communication, beyond the word as a dead label, beyond the banal quantification of interlocutors. It is in this spirit, latent since the conception of Linguapax, that the organization joins the celebration of the Year of Panikkar. Linguapax does so in order to explore the relationship between languages and spiritual traditions (a theme initiated by the conference held in 2017) and the sense of dialogue and intercultural silence.

Linguapax addresses this theme within the framework of the International conference #Linguapax2018 through “Languages and the Spirit of the Wor(l)d”.

Tuesday 20 November 2018

Lecture Room 1 CCCB (c/ Montalegre, 5 – 08001 Barcelona)

15:00 Introduction.

15:20-16:20 The linguistic experience of India. Agusti Paniker, author, publisher, Indologist.

16:20-16:35 Break

16:35-18:25 Spiritual traditions and lived language.

  • Islamic calligraphy. Halil Bárcena, Islamologist (Sufism).
  • Zen and limits of the word. Raquel Bouso, Professor of Philosophy.
  • Mayan spirituality and Rethoric. Genner Llanes, Anthropologist.

18:25-19:15 Intercultural dialogue and silence. Xavier Melloni, Anthropologist and Theologian.

A few pictures of the event: