Kontseilua and Donostia 2016 present the European Language Diversity Summit

European Language diversity Summit (2)

The Protocol to Ensure Linguistic Rights will be presented in Donostia/San Sebastian in December 2016.

This will happen following a months-long proccess of discussion by international experts and civil social organizations. The Donostia/San Sebastian 2016 European Capital of Culture Foundation and the Council of Social Organisations of the Basque Language, Kontseilua, presented the European Language Diversity Summit, promoted jointly by both organisations, in the Miramar Palace in Donostia.

The Organization Committee of the Summit includes the international organisations ECMI, ELEN, LINGUAPAX International, PEN International, CIEMEN and UNPO as recognised today in the letter founding the Committee. The project involves a wide process of discussion and agreement among experts and others who work with languages and human rights. The result of this process will be a protocol with a series of essential measures to ensure the linguistic rights of every group or community. Any person or association working in these areas will be able to use this valuable tool. In the presentation, the participants have clarified that the Summit will not be sequence of conferences but a space in which decisions will be taken, with the special features that “this time, the social civil organizations will decide.”

The promoters and organizers understand this process and the Summit itself as a contribution to enhance coexistence among citizens in all Europe. It will therefore be the result of empowering linguistic communities and civil social organizations who advocate linguistic equality.

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The Summit’s objectives include (1) to declare that guaranteeing language diversity and ensuring language development are keys to peaceful coexistence; (2) to create an effective instrument for language equality and revitalizing languages in unfavourable situations; (3) to ensure that language communities are the actors in this process and assert that civil society’s involvement guarantees fair play; and (4) to constitute a milestone in Donostia and its European Capital of Culture.

The protocol resulting from the process will be sent to international forums and instances. This proccess will be bringing up a dinamyc of relationships and the Protocol will be available for any organization, as an indicator of their commitment to language diversity.


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