International Mother Language Day 2020

In collaboration with the Institut d’Estudis Catalans’ Càtedra UNESCO de Diversitat Lingüística i Cultural, Linguapax has commemorated International Mother Language Day, which is celebrated on 21 February. This year the event took place at the Espai Vilaweb event hall. It was also presented the Linguapax Review 2019, “Old Kava in New Gourds: Language Revitalisation and Schooling in Hawaii”, a monograph dedicated to the Hawaiian language, launched on the occasion of the awarding of the International Linguapax Prize to Larry Kimura. The celebration was attended by Rubén Fernández, coordinator of the report, and Màrius Serra, philologist, writer and author of the book Res no és perfecte a Hawaii. Finally, the winning candidacy for the Linguapax 2020 International Prize was also announced, which was that of Marja-Liisa Olthuis, for her work in revitalising the Aanaar / Inari Sami language and culture.

Watch the video of the event here.