Globe-Making and Languages, Underestimated Entanglements

Other Globes: Past and Peripheral Imaginations of the Global

The Amsterdam Institute for Humanities Research (AIHR) is holding a two-day international conference, sponsored by the Amsterdam Centre of Globalisation Studies (ACGS) and the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA) to explore cultural practices that – in an era of intensive globalisation – imagine the global otherwise ie. alternative imaginations of the world, the earth, the globe and the planet that emerge as counterpoints to hegemonic projections of globes and globalisation.

In line with our mission of promoting linguistic and cultural diversity, the director of Linguapax, Alicia Fuentes-Calle, is presenting a paper on “Globe-making and languages in the panel devoted to “Hearing, Speaking and Sensing the Global”.

Information and programme here: file:///C:/Users/Info/AppData/Local/Temp/other-globes-conference-programme-2.pdf