From Hip Hop to WhatsApp

JosepParis Cru (Linguapax Europe at Newcastle University ) participated on March 31 in the workshop ‘From Hip Hop to WhatsApp’, organised in Paris by Karla Aviles (Labex EFL, Paris 7) and Valentina Vapnarksy (EREA/LESC, CNRS). The meeting explored how indigenous peoples of Latin America adapt to new technologies, such as social media, and music genres, for example Hip Hop, to express their own voices in Amerindian languages and in multilingual settings. Special attention was given to the ways in which new virtual spaces of communication challenge cultural images and stereotypes and denounce ideologies of discrimination among indigenous peoples. The workshop also highlighted the artistic and playful power of these practices to transform cultural norms and ethnic identities. More information about the workshop can be found at: