Festival on Indigenous Languages

The Endangered Languages Project celebrates the start of the UN International Decade of Indigenous Languages with the Festival of Indigenous Languages, which brings together people working in language revitalization around the world, to share their goals and hopes for the upcoming Decade.

The Festival runs from January 14-23, completely online, and completely free. All are welcome – please feel free to invite colleagues, friends, and community members who are interested in language revitalization. The Festival website has more information about the schedule and speakers, as well as links to register for the Zoom event: http://bit.ly/ELP-festival

This Festival will feature an amazing group of speakers who have done great work in language revitalization worldwide. Each speaker will be giving a short “talk from the heart”, rather than a formal presentation – this is a “low-key” event, meant to be accessible to everyone, not just practitioners or scholars. These talks will share about what’s inspired and encouraged each speaker most in their past decade(s) of work, and what they hope to see happening in language revitalization over the next decade – to reflect on where we’ve been, and where we’re going.

There will also be three “open mic/coffee chat” sessions, for more informal sharing of stories, songs, and chatting with other language revitalization folks.

Anyone who is currently working in language revitalization is also invited to share about their work, and be part of the upcoming Revitalization Directory: http://bit.ly/ELP-directory.

Stay updated on the event through ELP’s social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).



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