Facing Linguistic Hegemony

Robert Phillipson, Professor Emeritus at the Copenhagen Business School and member of
the Linguapax Advisory Board, dealt with the issue of Linguistic Hegemony on two

The first was the Forum Vives “Objective 2025 on Universitary Language Policy”, at the University of Valencia, on 25 November 2021. In the opening lecture “Constraints and challenges in strengthening multilingualism in higher education”, he focused on the challenge shared by the universities that do not have English as the first language: the growing presence of this language in the academic world.

The second event was the Colloquium on “The Language of the International Trial. Questions of Linguistic Justice” organised by the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, on 1 October. In the lecture “Justice Linguistique. Multilinguisme à la Cour de Justice de l’Union Européenne”, he explored the reality of French being privileged at this court, for historical reasons, but not functioning in a hegemonic way, whereas at the European Commission there is clear evidence that English is being structurally favoured in ways that can be seen as constituting linguistic imperialism.