Architectures of listening – Art, Migration and Language Diversity

Multiplier event of the European project La langue des oiseaux

We live in a diverse Europe, in which hundreds of languages and cultures – autochthonous and of different origins – coexist, meet or avoid reciprocally, dialogue, understand or sometimes confront each other. To what extent does European art express this reality? Is the European artistic world able to understand, include and value the linguistic and cultural diversity that sorrounds us? What obstacles do migrant people encounter when trying to take part in the creative processes of the host society? And what are the opportunities arising from their inclusion in European art?

“Architectures of listening” is a conversation between professional and non-professional artists, researchers and activists from Catalunya and different parts of the world, in the framework of the European project La langue des oiseaux.

During the event, we will present the podcast “Tapestry of voices”, produced during the performative arts workshops of the project.

La langue des oiseaux, aka BIRD-Blending Identities by Rehearsing Diversity, brings together people who speak different languages and live different experiences, joined by artistic vocation and the will to help building a more pluralist, open and democratic society (read more here). The project is co-funded by the European Union through the programme Erasmus +.

We wait for you on 24 October 10 to 14 hours, at the Institut d’Estudis Catalans (Casa de Convalescencia), at Carrer Carme 47 in Barcelona. The event will also be streamed online via Zoom webinar. Please register here and you will receive a link some days before the event.

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