ADN Maya wins the 2022 Linguapax Award

The evaluation committee of the 2022 Linguapax International Award has selected once again a community project that goes far beyond linguistic revitalisation. The ADN Maya collective, led by the rapper Pat Boy, promotes the rethinking of the use of Maya language and the renewal of the musical tradition in that language through artistic education of young Maya and Maya/Spanish speakers, and the creation of spaces to make the contemporary Maya music movement more visible.

The group trains children and young Maya and Maya/Spanish speackers in the practice of the Maya language through improvisation and rhyme of rap. This training is based on collective learning and in particular on the working methodology “Rap Ich Maya Taan”. Some tokens of this formation can be seen and heard in the following links (click on the images).

ADN MAYA Volumen 1
Workshops in Yucatan

The training activities are complemented by the dissemination of audiovisual cultural products, which are published on the Internet and on social networks, to make them accessible to the younger public. They are also presented in public events aimed at generating cultural meeting spaces where participants get to know the talent and skills of creative people who use original languages.

presentation of the second edition of the Ko'one'ex K'aay festival
Presentation of the second edition of the Ko’one’ex K’aay festival

Among these is the Ko’one’ex K’aay Festival, which held its second edition in May.

Some examples of audiovisual cultural products are: Junpéel túunben kiin, by Baalam Ich (2017) and Teché ta wa’alaj, by Yaalen k’uj (2018).

In the development of their projects, Pat Boy and the ADN Maya collective count on the collaboration of community media such as Radio Xhnka, Radio Xepet, Radio Yúuyum, international communication programs such as Roent and First Impact, and a network of Mayan speakers of the diaspora in the United States that has generated and consolidated along the way.

The Linguapax team congratulates ADN Maya for its work and encourages it to continue working for the Maya language, the Maya young and rap!