2023 International Linguapax Award: call for nominations

The International Linguapax Award is a recognition of actions carried out by individuals, groups or organisations, in different fields and from different areas of knowledge, in favour of the preservation of linguistic diversity, revitalisation and reactivation of linguistic communities, and the promotion of multilingualism. Its purpose is to identify, value and disseminate successful actions, innovative projects and good practices around the world that show that coexistence between different languages is possible and that serve as a reference and example to build societies that respect linguistic and cultural differences. The award should also serve to encourage and strengthen the transfer of knowledge, experiences and results to the international community.

The call for the 2023 International Linguapax  Award is now officially open! Applications can be submitted by email to info@linguapax.org until 31 May 2023 (the deadline has been extended until 30 June 2023, updated 01/06/2023) and must be in accordance with the terms of reference specified in the following link:

Linguapax Award


The winner of the 2023 International Linguapax Award will be revealed on 26 September 2023, on the occasion of the European Day of Languages.

We look forward to your proposals.

Let’s preserve linguistic diversity!