Contacts & Contrasts: Language, Literature, Culture – Konin, Poland



Dates: 29-31 May, 2017

Venue: University of Applied Sciences in Konin, Popiełuszki str. no. 1, Poland


Konin is located in the central part of Poland, situated  on the banks of the river Warta. Its history dates back to the 12th century and now Konin is a dynamic area in the Wielkopolska Province, developing in the fields of culture and education. It is a region of historical monuments, surrounded by forests and numerous lakes.


Languages of the conference: English, German, Polish

Mailing Address:
Contacts & Contrasts
State University of Applied Sciences in Konin
Faculty of Philology
Wyszyńskiego 3C
62-510 Konin

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The Department of Research for Language, Literature and Translation of the Faculty of Philology at the State University of Applied Sciences in Konin invites abstracts of papers, posters and thematic sessions in areas of research on

contacts, comparison and contrasts in languages, literatures and cultures, including allied fields in the cognitive, social and communication sciences.

We particularly encourage submissions relevant to the proposed topics, detailed below.

Topics include (but are not restricted to):

Discourse and intercultural communication
Social interaction
Contrasts and conflicts
Identity and hybridity
Media in contrast
Literary genres and styles across languages and cultures
Contrasts in languages and cultures
Contact Linguistics
Foreign languages & international contacts
Study abroad
International professional discourses

Presenters will be given 30 minutes for presentation and a question period. Accepted papers will be published in a collective volume.

Plenary speakers include:

Professor Lucile Desblache (Roehampton University, London):
From minor to major: accessing marginal voices through music. New ways for translation?
Professor David Katan (University of Salento – Lecce):
Translating for the Outsider – translators can do it best. 
Professor Hubert Orłowski (Polish Academy of Sciences, Samuel Bogumil Linde University of Foreign Languages, Poznań): Die Buchreihe Poznańska Biblioteka Niemiecka und die Narrative der Vergangenheit. Überlegungen nach zwanzig Jahren. 
Professor Mirosław Pawlak (State University of Applied Sciences in Konin, Adam Mickiewicz University in Kalisz):
Tapping the distinction between explicit and implicit knowledge: Methodological issues.
Professor David Pichaske (Southwest Minnesota State University, Marshall, MN):
Observations on Cultural Similarities and Differences Based on Four Years of Fulbright Fellowships in Poland, Latvia, and Outer Mongolia. 
Professor Eliza Pieciul-Karmińska (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań):
Nijakość w języku i neutralność w literaturze jako sygnał odmienności kulturowej? Uniwersalność rodzaju nijakiego w niemczyźnie a dychotomiczny świat polszczyzny (na podstawie wybranych tekstów literackich i ich przekładów na język polski)
Professor Hanna Pułaczewska (University of Szczecin):
The challenge of multilingual parenting