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The Quote
“A t’aane’ u naajil a pixán,
tumen ti’ kuxa’an a laats’ilo’ob.
Ti’e’ úuchben xa’anilnaj,
tu’ux ku k’a’ajsal a kajtalil,
ti’ ku p’aatal a t’aan.”


“Your language is your soul’s home.
Your parents and grandparents live there.
In that thousand-year home,
heart of your memories,
your words lie.”

Fragment of U NÁAJIL A PIXÁN (Your soul’s home), by Jorge Miguel Cocom Pech, Maya poet

Featured News

ADN Maya wins the 2022 Linguapax Award

ADN Maya 1
The ADN Maya collective, winner of the 2022 Linguapax Award, promotes the use of Maya language and the renewal of the musical tradition in this language through artistic education of young Maya and Maya/Spanish bilingual speakers, and the creation of spaces to make the contemporary Maya music movement more visible.

What we do

Linguapax in the III International Conference on Revitalisation of Indigenous and Minoritized Languages

Linguapax International collaborated in the III International Conference on Revitalisation of Indigenous and Minoritized Languages through the panels “Languages, linguistic diversity and arts” and “Possibilities and limitations of digital language activism for language revitalisation”, in addition to several individual communications by its members.

Collaboration with the II Amerindian languages course of the University of Salamanca

curs llengues amerindies
The second edition of the Curso de formación permanente: Lenguas amerindias y contacto y contacto linguístico en Iberoamérica (Training Course: Amerindian languages and language contact in Ibero-America) counted with the participation of Linguapax in the Round Table Documentación, escrituralización y revitalización lingüística (Documentation, Scripturalization and Revitalization of Amerindian languages).

The exhibition “Languages do not die, they are killed” in Prats de Molló and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Expo Lpx Prats-foto4
After Palau Robert (Barcelona), the exhibition was installed, this summer, in Prats de Molló and is now in the Library of Humanities of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, where it can be visited until 30 November.

Enric Serra

Art sobre l’agonia de les llengües (Art about the Agony of Languages)

In this article, the author, member of the Linguapax Board, invites us to walk, as if we were to visit an exhibition, through the visions of five creators who have voiced the agony of languages.
Zubair Torwali

The polyglots of Dardistan

The director of IBT, winner of the 2021 Linguapax Award presents his research on the linguistic and cultural diversity of northern Pakistan, which includes videos of folk songs of four of these languages with English translation.
Josep Soler and Sergi Morales-Gálvez

Linguistic justice and global English: theoretical and empirical approaches

In this article of the International Journal of the Sociology of Language (Volume 2022 Issue 277, open access), the authors deal with the spread of global English as lingua franca, illustrate its consequences for speakers and propose potential normative responses to it.
James Griffiths

Speak Not. Empire, Identity and the Politics of Language

The book examines how indigenous communities are fighting for their languages, exploring different cases from different parts of the world. The author denounces the role of colonialism and globalisation in the loss of autochthonous languages, explores the threats and opportunities that new technologies represent for endangered languages, and presents the Welsh case as a good practice for language maintenance and revitalisation.
Linguapax Network

Kathryn Woolard joins the Linguapax Advisory Board

Kathrin Woolard, Professor Emerita at the University of California, San Diego, has joined the Linguapax Advisory Board. She is a worldwide known researcher, mostly because of her contributions to the field of linguistic ideologies, and has published extensively on topics related to bilingualism, the link between language and ethnicity and political discourse.

Old Miyakoan Proverb Cards

Linguapax Asia celebrates the release of the definitive version of the card game 'Old Miyakoan Proverb Cards', created by Sachiyo Fujita-Round and Seiko Sadoyama, which contains 48 proverbs in the original language Miyakoan, translated into Japanese and English.



UNESCO presents “State of the Art - Indigenous Languages in Research”

publicacio UNESCO research indigenous languages
The volume, which gathers several articles on various topics, from humanitarian issues to public policies, from education to digital activism, etc., was presented online on 20 May.
> The Worlds We Speak Mariam Ghani
This mural, exposed in Delta airport (New York), visualizes the linguistic diversity of the metropolitan area. The author emphases language’s ability to move beyond borders, and the wealth of knowledge that diversity brings to the city.
> Learning from Students, Educating Teachers — Research and Practice
The 48th Annual Conference on Language Teaching and Learning & Educational Materials Exhibition, will take place from 11 to 14 November 2022 at the Fukuoka International Congress Center.
> The Use of Computational Methods in the Study of Endangered Languages
The 48th Annual Conference on Language Teaching and Learning & Educational Materials The ComputEL-6 workshop focuses on the use of computational methods in the study, support, and revitalization of endangered languages. Call for papers open until 14 November.
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