Linguapax International Newsletter March 2021
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"When we think about the looming crisis that we call climate change, we are going to need all the knowledge encompassed in indigenous languages in order to be able to survive the kinds of transformations that are going to happen to all of us."

Bernard Perley (2020). "Language, Culture and Landscape in the Indigenous Communities of North America." Video lesson of the MOOC "Linguistic Diversity, What for?". Coursera-UAB, 2021.
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Linguapax launches the MOOC "Linguistic Diversity, What for?"

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On 25 January, Linguapax launched the MOOC "Linguistic Diversity, What for?".
Through this course, we wish to help widen horizons about linguistic diversity, multilingualism and revitalization, discover and understand their implications in fields that go from personal introspection to education, public policies, social relations, arts and the digital world.
Particularly, we intend to create a space for sharing and discussion where all participants – teachers and students – may enrich their knowledge, compare perspectives and experiences. This way we hope to encourage people to defend and promote linguistic diversity.

Linguapax Delegations

Latin America: number 345 of the magazine Ichan Tecolotl, dedicated to the International Decade of Indigenous Languages

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The declaration of the International Decade of Indigenous Language by the UNESCO offers an unprecedented opportunity to defend and promote world languages. It's time to go beyond the theoretical recognition of the value and importance of linguistic diversity for human wellbeing and promote continuous practical efforts to revert language shift, stigmas and discriminatory practices.
This number of Ichan Tecolotl offers a rich contribution of multiple voices in favor of multilingualism and linguistic diversity and examples of practices of language use, protection and revitalization.

North America: the ILHA celebrates the Mother Language Day on-line.

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On 21 February the International Heritage Language Association celebrated the Mother Language Day, for the first time on-line. Students and teachers worked hard to share their performances in their languages. Friends and families from Edmonton and the rest of the world could enjoy this touching celebration.

Massive Open On-line Courses and Linguistic Diversity

Enric Serra, honorary secretary of Linguapax and member of the GELA - Research Group on Endangered Languages - explores the presence of languages in the main platforms offering massive on-line open courses (MOOC).
Vilaweb, 28.02.2021
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Mantaining Balinese through BASABali Wiki

Clara Dewi, founding member of BASABali, describes the most recent activities realized by the organization that received the International Linguapax Award in 2018, with enphasis on the BASABali wiki.
This video is part of the contents of the 4th week of the MOOC "Linguistic Diversity, What for?" , about "Language Revitalization"..
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Linguapax Latin America - 25 February 2021

Book presentation: Tyety Ñutyok

Tyety Ñutyok (The child prodigy) is an augmented reality book by the Ikoots researcher Obdulio Muriel Díaz. It is written and narrated in Umbeyajts language and translated in Spanish and English.
The book was presented on-line with the participation of the intercultural community who worked together to the project.
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Linguapax Latin America - 20 February 2021

Víctor Manuel Franco Pellotier Award

The Centre for Research and High Studies in Social Anthropology (CIESAS) established this award in honour of the work of Dr. Víctor Manuel Franco Pellotier, who resolutely and constantly contributed to the progress of many interdisciplinary research lines, meeting anthropology, linguistics, philosophy, sociology and psicoanalisis.
> Rising Voices’ Activismo Lenguas initiative receives International Mother Language Award
> Alícia Martí Climent and Pilar Garcia Vidal, "Secundary Schools Students' Linguistic Autobiography: a Vision of Language Learning in the Valencian School System", Treballs de Sociolingüística Catalana, N.30, 2020.
> Joan Ferrer, "My Encounter with Hebrew". In Notes de la Càtedra UNESCO de Diversitat Lingüística i Cultural, 22/02/2021.
> XVIII InternationalConference on Minority Languages
Bilbao, 24 - 26 March 2021. On-line
> Symposium on the Impact of Multiculturalism on Public Education
Alberta, Canadà, 22- 23 March 2021.
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