• International Linguapax Award. Linguapax delivers a yearly award to linguists, researchers, professors or leaders of the civil society as a tribute to their outstanding work in the field of linguistic diversity and multilingual education. We deliver the prize on 21 February each year as a commemoration of the International Mother Language Day (21 February). The winner of the 2015 Prize is Bolivian linguist Xavier Albó. Read more.
  • Assessment in language policy and planning to state and substate governments. Recent missions in China, Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia.
  • Participation in language revitalization projects in Nigeria, South Africa, Tchad, Senegal, Tanzania and Algeria.
  • Promotion of multilingual education and publication of teaching materials aimed at sharing the values of linguistic and cultural diversity, such as bilingual youth books published in Mexico, in cooperation with the National Institue of Indigenous Languages.

Further information on our activities in our annual reports of activities

In progress:

llengües-immigració-projecte-BCNProposal for the Treatment of the Languages of Immigrants in Municipal Communications

Linguapax is working on a project aimed at showcasing the rich linguistic and cultural diversity that immigrants bring to the city and at the same time promoting actions that contribute to the preservation of such diversity from the perspective of an equal and fair multilingualism. Read more >