On this page you will find the papers of several conferences and symposiums organized by Linguapax.


Newcastle 2010

Symposium “Language and sociopolitical struggle in the Hispanic World“, Newcastle, 2010 (pdf)

Linguapax Afrika I, 2006

The first Linguapax Afrika conference was held in Yaoundé, Cameroon in 2006.

Linguapax Afrika II, 2009

The second Linguapax Afrika Conference was held in Adis-Abeba, Ethiopia, March 3rd and 4th and gathered experts from eleven countries on the following themes:

– Inter-generational transmission of little-used African languages in towns and revitalisation;
– Multilingual education and promotion of linguistic diversity;
– Language policies and management of languages in multilingual contexts;
– Language inventory, development and practices of multilingualism.


10th Linguapax Congress, Barcelona, 2004

The 10th Linguapax Congress was held in Barcelona between May 20 and 23 in the framework of the Universal Forum of Cultures – Barcelona 2004.

9th Linguapax Congress, Barcelona 2002

The 9th Linguapax Congress was held at the World Trade Center building in Barcelona, from April 16 to 20 2002.