Linguapax International is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the appreciation and protection of linguistic diversity worldwide.

Fostering harmony between linguisic communities is a determining factor for peace within states and among the international community. Linguapax promotes multilingual education that includes local, national and international languages. We also take part in language revitalization programmes and offer assessment in language policy for local and national governments. Based in Barcelona, Linguapax has grown over the years with several delegations in all continents.

Our action

World language diversity. Where do we stand now? What future can we expect? Videos and pictures of the event which included the delivery of the Linguapax Award 2017.

For its 30th anniversary Linguapax gathered together several speakers to explore the relationship between spiritual traditions and language. Videos and pictures of the event!

The International Linguapax Award is a yearly Prize rewarding work in the field of linguistic diversity and multilingual education. The 2018 winner is BASAbali, a collaboration of…

Discover how to get involved with Linguapax to promote language diversity.


Linguapax Review is a periodical Linguapax publication dealing with key themes related to the management of language diversity through a combination of both expert and activist perspectives. Linguapax Review 2016 Linguapax…

Multilingual teaching units edited by Linguapax highlighting the richness of linguistic, religious and cultural diversity and allowing an interaction between intercultural education, respect for human rights and the values of peace.

Read the proceedings of Linguapax international congresses and symposiums.

Tot som diferents (we are all differents) In 2006, Linguapax published the book Tots som diferents (We are all differents), a set of UNESCO’s normative texts on cultural and linguistic diversity,…

Linguapax International

Who is who in the Linguapax Executive Board, who belongs to the Advisory Board and where are the delegations of Linguapax around the world.

The beginnings of Linguapax date back to a 1987 UNESCO conference in Kiev, Ukraine, on the topic “Teaching foreign languages for peace and understanding”. A second meeting took place in Sitges…

Linguapax delegations around the world

Linguapax delegations

Linguapax Afrika

Based in Yaounde (Cameroon), Linguapax Afrika organized three international conferences and has published several reports. The delegation works in partnership with the Academy of African Languages (ACALAN).

Linguapax Asia

Created in 2003, Linguapax Asia works in partnership with Linguapax International. In its role as the Asian associate, Linguapax Asia carries out the objectives of Linguapax International with a special focus on Asia and the Pacific Rim

Linguapax Latin America


Linguapax North America

Linguapax Eurasia

Linguapax Eurasia is based in the Republic of Kalmukia (Russia). The delegation activities have a regional scope and cover Russian minorities and New Independent State countries, as well as China, Mongolia and other Central Asian states.

Linguapax Pacific

Linguapax Pacific is the delegation of Linguapax for Oceania. Based in New Caledonia, it has been working in coordination with the Academy of Kanak Languages.

Subscriu-te al nostre butlletí

Subscriu-te al nostre butlletí