Linguapax International is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the appreciation and protection of linguistic diversity worldwide.

Fostering harmony between linguisic communities is a determining factor for peace within states and among the international community. Linguapax promotes multilingual education that includes local, national and international languages. We also take part in language revitalization programmes and offer assessment in language policy for local and national governments. Based in Barcelona, Linguapax has grown over the years with several delegations in all continents.

Our action


Assessment on language policy and planning issues, specialized publications and teaching materials, international congresses, seminars and training workshops, revitalisation projects, and other activities developed in cooperation with its international partners.


The International Linguapax Award is a yearly Prize rewarding work in the field of linguistic diversity and multilingual education. The 2015 Award winner is Bolivian sociolinguist Xavier Albó.

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Discover how to get involved with Linguapax to promote language diversity.



In this section you will find a selection of documents and materials published by Linguapax since its creation in different languages, including Linguapax Review, Teaching Units, conference proceedings and a selection of normative text regarding linguistic diversity.

Linguapax Review is a periodical Linguapax publication dealing with key themes related to the management of language diversity through a combination of both expert and activist perspectives. Linguapax Review 2015 Linguapax…

Multilingual teaching units edited by Linguapax highlighting the richness of linguistic, religious and cultural diversity and allowing an interaction between intercultural education, respect for human rights and the values of peace.

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Read the proceedings of Linguapax international congresses and symposiums.

Who we are

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Discover the Linguapax Board, the Scientific Comittee and the delegations of the Linguapax International network.

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We are a NGO dedicated to the appreciation and protection of linguistic diversity worldwide. Linguapax claims that languages ​​express the rich cultural pluralism of the human species and its preservation is a major contribution to peace and international understanding.

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Linguapax North America is represented by Dr. Olenka Bilash, University of Alberta. Our focus has been on building awareness about language use in minority language settings, supporting teachers of first nations and heritage languages, and facilitating endangered language preservation and documentation projects.

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Linguapax Asia carries out the objectives of Linguapax International with a special focus on Asia and the Pacific Rim. Discover Linguapax Asia activities and publications.

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