Linguapax is working on a project aimed at showcasing the rich linguistic and cultural diversity that immigrants bring to the city and at the same time promoting actions that contribute to the preservation of such diversity from the perspective of an equal and fair multilingualism. One way to contribute to make this diversity viable and visible is through guidelines and proposals for the treatment of languages in municipal communications that will at the same time reinforce the cohesive role of the Catalan language and also take into account the languages most spoken by new citizens.

The first phase of the project developed throughout 2015 consisted in diagnosis involving fieldwork and analysis of needs, identification of best practices in other cities of the world, setting-up of pilot working groups and evaluation. The scope of work was initially limited to a few municipal departments. In 2016 we focused on piloting and implementation of the proposal in other units and municipal services (2016) and developed factsheets on some of the languages most spoken in the city. In 2017 we will expand and adaptat the proposal for other institutions and organizations in Barcelona and other cities (2017).
This project is supported by the Barcelona City Council under the BCN Interculturality Programme and also by Diputació de Barcelona and the Catalan Government.

Six new factsheets available in 2017: