Linguapax protects and promotes the revitalisation of world linguistic diversity to contribute to dialogue and peace.

As an NGO in consultative status with UNESCO:
  • We endorse the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • We work in favor of cultural and political rights.
  • We promote plurilingual and pluricultural education.
  • We encourage and participate in linguistic revitalisation programs through the Linguapax international network.
  • We analyse changes in social, cultural and political sensitivity in relation to linguistic diversity.
  • We identify the new cultural expressions that emerge in contexts of linguistic diversity.
  • We support linguistic diversity in the digital environment and examine the emerging ways of communicating.
  • We give warning of the factors that threaten the global linguistic wealth.

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Our action

The International Linguapax Award is a yearly Prize rewarding work in the field of linguistic diversity and multilingual education. The 2018 winner is BASAbali, a collaboration of…

In this section you will find a selection of documents and materials published by Linguapax since its creation in different languages, including Linguapax Review, Teaching Units, conference proceedings and a selection of normative text regarding linguistic diversity.

Since the constitution of Linguapax as an association (2001), regular cooperation lines existed with activists and organisations from different regions of the world some embodied in bilateral cooperation agreements. These regular…

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Recent activities and recommendations

Linguapax International Award 2019
Linguapax International Award 2019
In December 2019, at the “Pūnana Leo” school (in English, “the nest of the language”), in Hawaii Island, the Linguapax International Prize was given. From this year that we left behind, the winning candidacy...
The report on linguistic and cultural diversity, in the media
The report on linguistic and cultural diversity, in the media
The report on Linguapax’s linguistic and cultural diversity on 27 November has had a great impact on audiovisual media. Here is a press release: Betevé: Europapress:  El Periódico: Ràdio 4:

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